We are proud to work with great entrepreneurs, scientists, and business leaders who build transformational companies that impact and advance healthcare.


Variantyx – We see whole genome sequencing (WGS) as the standard of genomic diagnostic care, and are working to make whole genome testing broadly accessible to patients with rare genetic diseases.

Why whole genome sequencing? It provides the most comprehensive view of an individual’s genome. Unlike panels and exome sequencing which target specific regions comprising 1.5% or less of an individual’s DNA, WGS covers the entire known genome, including the mitochondrial genome. It enables identification of single nucleotide variants, indels and structural variants, including CNVs and tandem repeats, in data from a single sequencing run.

NEMDX – NemDx is creating a medical diagnostic platform to bring into context how proteins function and how biophysical characteristics and biochemical structures interact in disease in the areas of neurodegenerative disease and oncology.

The NemDx approach aims at revealing critical information on alternative splicing, post-translation modifications and conformation changes of proteins in patients with neurodegenerative diseases.  As proof-of-concept, NemDx developed, the first of its kind, an approach to diagnose ALS in blood. The innovation arises from quantifying the change in functional activity of the protein TDP-43.

Remedy Plan Therapeutics

Remedy Plan is developing drugs that target cancer stem cells to inhibit tumor growth and proliferation. With our proprietary drug screening platform, we are able to quickly screen and identify panels of drug candidates that disrupt cancer stem cells.

Remedy Plan’s drugs will be much more effective than traditional treatments in decreasing tumor growth, prolonging life, and preventing metastasis and recurrence. And because the reactivation of embryonic-like properties is a characteristic shared by many kinds of tumors, cancer containment therapy is expected to be effective on many different types of cancer, including cancer of the colon, stomach, prostate, testicles, breast, and blood.

XR Health – XRHealth creates Medical & Therapeutic Applications using XR technology. The VRHealth Platform collects and analyzes user interactions with virtual objects and environments. By using AI cloud computing algorithms, we deliver an enhanced experience and real-time data analytics, for use in clinics and at home, where users can analyze and quantify performance through a digital experience.

Coagulo Medical Technologies –Coagulo is transforming medicine with the first portable and connected precision-medicine platform for smarter management of coagulation, enabling better healthcare outcomes for everyone.

Enclear – EnClear Therapies was conceived with the sole purpose of developing novel device-based therapies to treat patients with neurodegenerative disease. The company’s first products will aim to halt the progression of ALS and PSP.

ZIXI Zixi’s mission is to enable content delivery at satellite and fiber operating metrics with internet based economics and availability.  We aim to become the standard for IP delivery of video over the internet from anywhere to anywhere reliably, securely and at the highest quality.

QBiotix –

Qbiotix is a UK IP development company whose key expertise lies in analyzing the thermodynamic and biochemical interaction between proteins/nucleic acids and synthetic probe constructs. Qbiotix has developed multiple medical diagnostic technologies for assays designed to support patient’s diagnosis rapidly with high sensitivity and specificity on standard lab equipment. Some of these technologies in advanced trials detect and inform on the interaction between viruses, bacteria and genomic mutations. A number of trading companies are expected to be generated to license off the Qbiotix IP in fields including clinical microbiology, toxin detection and food, beverage, environment testing.


Verseau Therapeutics – Verseau is creating a new class of therapeutics, macrophage checkpoint modulators, to benefit patients with cancer, immune and inflammatory diseases. With our proprietary all-human translational system we identify novel targets and develop therapies that shift macrophages between immune activators and silencers in disease. Our data suggest that we can at least double the patient population benefitting from immunotherapy. 

physIQ – PhysIQ is a company dedicated to enabling proactive care delivery models through pinpointIQ® , our highly scalable cloud-based platform for personalized physiology analytics. platform is designed to process multiple vital signs from wearable sensors to create a personalized dynamic baseline for each individual.